120% Lino

Designed and crafted in Italy, 120 Lino uses only the highest quality materials and fibers. When combined with the brand’s penchant for innovation and selectivity, the result is an effortlessly stylish and incredibly comfortable line of clothing.

Collected from the best resources across the world, the raw linen is mixed with beautiful silks and cashmere and then printed or embroidered to produce stunning, elegant clothing that can be worn all year round.

Understated and luxurious, 120% Lino is designed and created exclusively in Italy from the finest quality linen. Oozing laidback Italian style and suitable for all seasons, 120% Lino clothing is perfect for those who love an elegant, on-trend look all year round. Whether you’re looking for lightweight, breathable clothing for every day or for your next holiday, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our 120 Lino UK range.

120% Lino Ruched Button Up Dress Ice
120% Lino

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120% Lino Striped Shirt Dress
120% Lino

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