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Begg & Co draws on both a long history of weaving expertise and all that modern technology has to offer. Honouring tradition and embracing innovation. The company was established in 1866 in the town of Paisley. They pride themselves on technical prowess, skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Today, these principles hold fast and strong. Combining time-honoured traditional weaving and finishing methods with cutting-edge production techniques, they handcraft exquisite scarves, stoles and throws that are a pleasure to touch, wear and own.

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Begg & Co Two Tone Hat
Begg & Co

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Originally established in the Scottish town of Paisley, Begg & Co have been at the forefront of weaving technology since 1866. Founder, Alex Begg started producing woolen shawls with a small team of trusted local weavers. Paisley had become a vocal point for the weaving community during Victorian times, and was known for their iconic teardrop pattern. Begg & Co created some of the earliest surviving paisley shawls and only two examples remain. One has been carefully preserved by the Begg family and the other is on display in the Paisley Museum.

In 1902 the company relocated to Ayr on Scotland’s south-west coast. This move allowed Begg the space to invest in new machinery so they were able to develop a range of cutting-edge weaving techniques. 150 years later, this commitment to innovation still stands. Begg & Co is renowned as a brand who use their experience as the foundation so they can continuously pioneer new, and highly sophisticated methods of production.

Hailing from goats farmed in Mongolia and armed with over 150 years of experience, Begg & Co combine yarn types from different regions. This creates durable cashmere products that are extremely soft, remarkably lightweight and impressively warm.