Paolo Rossello was born in La Spezia, and from an early age devoted himself to the personalization of both new and vintage clothes. He moved to Florence where he studied architecture while continuing to manufacture customized garments; the success of his “reinterpretations” amongst friends and research boutiques convinced Paolo to focus on his passion.

The melting pot culture of Bologna convinced Paolo to set up a laboratory in the Emilian city. There, he dedicated himself full-time to the creation of customised vintage that was sold in the boutiques of the city center. The key to his popularity resides, today as in the past, in the positive word of mouth given by his clients who’ve recognized the originality and uniqueness of his garments. In this way, Paolo Rossello’s name continues to acquire more and more credibility among insiders. As a result, there have been increasing proposals for stylistic consultancy contracts for the development of new collections by operators in the fashion world.

P.A.R.O.S.H was founded on Paolo Rossello’s inspiration to create customized vintage dresses, giving them new life; strips of Pakistani fabric that were first broken down and then reassembled for multicolor coats, military sweaters refined and reshaped, then embellished with embroidery and ton-sur-ton beads. A combination of rich details creating modern, sophisticated garments, enhanced by a thousand shades of vintage and ethnic tones

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