Queene and Belle

Queene and Belle is a luxury cashmere knitwear collection based in Scotland. Last year the label celebrated 10 years of successful business.

Queene and Belle breathe Scottish heritage, using luxury yarns spun in Scotland. The product is made in Hawick, a world-famous border town, where they help keep the local tradition, hand techniques and quality alive.

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Queene and Belle Clemence Wrap
Queene & Belle

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Queene and Belle Hettie Cardigan Driftwood
Queene & Belle

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Queene and Belle Hester Sweater in Navy
Queene & Belle

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Queene and Belle Lise Sweater Undergrowth
Queene & Belle

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The collection is presented in London and Paris and sells in more than 15 countries worldwide. Each collection piece is an heirloom treasure.

The original mix of exquisite intarsias (multiple colour patterns), signature ribbons, lace, buttons, and hand-beaded motifs are adored by many celebrities, and followed by loyal fashion client markets that understand supreme quality and authentication.

Queene and Belle design timeless quirky individual pieces which have their own jewel-like quality. They will appeal to people with a great sense of individual style and an appreciation of artisan techniques.

Much of the collection consists of hand-finished pieces and is layered and styled with authentic vintage dresses and tops. Accessories are handmade using Italian chandelier crystals, antique silver charms and vintage ribbons. Hand-printed scarves in super-light woven cashmere and muslin also feature.

Understated and extremely special – the Queene and Belle woman loves quality, and the subtle attention to detail which gives an authentic cultural and iconic identity to the wearer.


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