Roland Mouret


For over a decade Roland Mouret has created the most coveted of womenswear collections, defining the era of the iconic dress. His dexterity has earned him the title ‘master of the silhouette’. Each of his designs encapsulates an intuitive understanding of the female form.

”I love the way fabric feels, I love to grab it, I love how clothes fall over the body. I’m known for drape and structure, but I succeed when the clothes feel comfortable to you.” – Roland Mouret

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Roland Mouret Book
Roland Mouret

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Roland Mouret Parkgate Trousers
Roland Mouret

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Roland Mouret Biltmore Trousers
Roland Mouret

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“Fashion is supposedly all about change, yet I prefer to evolve because that’s what happens to our bodies and in nature and actually, I love that. I learned as a country boy growing up with the seasons that what is beautiful one summer will be just as beautiful the next.” – Roland Mouret