The harder side of florals

Post by Louise Horsburgh On 8 February 2017

The Selina Drees by Preen.
Image credit: Preen

Have you read the piece in today’s Times 2, which declares that this season’s ‘it’ dress is one which is floral? What’s more, this is a dress which is intended to be worn day to day rather than for a particular occasion, and ‘never with heel’. A big plus for all us flat shoe loving women.

When Sarah is buying for the new season months in advance, she has in her mind a plethora of key trends to look out for, so as we move towards spring, the boutique is beginning to see these not-so-girly florals arriving. Here are some rules of what to look out for and how to style your dress.

Rary by Michael van der Ham.
Image credit: Rary

Modern florals or ‘meadow prints’ should be set on a dark background, preferably black. This keeps the look edgy and avoids any Little House on the Prairie/ Holly Hobby mixups. Think more overgrown secret garden rather than Chelsea Flower Show.

Cut is key. It must have sleeves, be midi length and as stated above, the print must be set on a dark background. This is a dress you will wear to a hot new bar opening, not a tea party.

Leather or denim jackets are ideal choices to wear with your chosen dress. Also a must is a pair of heavy soled boots/shoes,  or on the flip side, minimalist sliders. This is ‘Man Repeller‘ dressing – the kind that only other women truly understand and that’s how we like it.

Labels we love to deliver our flowers are Dries Van Noten, Preen and (due to arrive very soon) Rary by Michael van der Ham. Each offers the kind of prints which your gran just wouldn’t understand, and that’s exactly the point. This is a look which isn’t about looking pretty, it’s about all out, bold – as  – you – like fashion.

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