Have you been to the new Contini’s?

Post by Sarah On 1 February 2017

I was in town last night with my OH and the kids and went for an early tea. I don’t think I had registered that Contini’s was being done up- but I was blown away when I walked in.

More booths, muted coloured walls which bring the whole space in, exquisite wallpaper and a newly fashioned Italian bar area. Just gorgeous.

But it wasn’t just the Decor that’s changed- the menu has too. Gone is the old school (but very lovely!) pizza and pasta. Replaced with hints of smaller tastes of pasta but mainly meat and fish and salads and all to be shared. A truly more modern way to eat Italian. We had Tagliata Scottish beef, Chicken Milanese with a tomato side and zucchini. All cooked to perfection, but the best thing was I didn’t feel stuffed like I would of had I had a huge bowl of pasta. I was also super impressed with the kids meals, healthier than usual kids menus, sensible portions and salad on the side. Ok they didn’t eat the rocket but I can but try!

Well done to Victor and Carina for modernising a true Edinburgh family run institution. We are looking forward to visiting our neighbours Dusit when they re-open,

Sarah x

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