How To Do A Wardrobe Clear Out

This is a video on how to do a wardrobe clear out. This is particularly useful as we transition into another season. Did you know that we only actually wear 30% of what's in our wardrobe? I'm going to help you know, declutter your own wardrobe. The main problem most of us have is we simply have too much volume, we have too many clothes that we're not wearing. First thing to do, is to get everything out of your wardrobe. Put it all on your bed, lay on the floor, just get it out and get the whole interior of your wardrobe are really good, clean.

First step is to make sure that everything that goes back in the wardrobe is in season. I did my own wardrobe this morning, and I got rid of all of my chunkies, all of my winter heavy clothes. And I also got rid of many of my holiday clothes and put them away in a suitcase. Realistically, none of us are going on holiday for a while. And your wardrobe should be current season. At the moment, were starting off spring, we should be more colourful, more light, more joyful, get rid of all the black, get rid of all the heavy, heavy, heavy, wintery things. So now we've got our clothes that we're going to wear in spring.

The next step is to evaluate every single piece before you put it back in. What I want you to do is ask yourself a few questions. does this fit me? Do I wear it? Does it make me feel good? Is it damaged? Is it worn? Is it bobbly? Has it maybe been dry cleaned too much and gone shiney? This should help you eliminate a proportion of what's in your wardrobe. You don't want anything that doesn't make you feel good. And you don't want anything in there that doesn't fit you. What I tend to do is have piles on my bedroom floor. So I have one for alterations, one for dry cleaning, one for charity shop and another one for things that are just completely done and need to go in the bin. What you want is your wardrobe to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

How do you put clothes back in the wardrobe once I've narrowed it down to the things that I really really love and want to wear right now? I tend to put them into segments of how I wear them. At the moment, I put all my work clothes up top and put on the lower rail weekend clothes to wear around the house. I actually even started to hide some of my gym stuff in kind of colour blocks. Just because realistically at the moment this is kind of my go to in the morning for a few weeks at least. Then I hang them in segments, and by colour. This is really important. This is what we do in shops to tempt you to buy things. We merchandise things in colour. So put all your reds together all your greens together. Your reds can merge into the pinks and just get some colour in the wardrobe. If you've got jumpers and tops in drawers, get them out and hang them. You want your wardrobe to look joyful. You'll see in my before picture it looks pretty bleak. And in the after picture, It looks much more fun, much more loved and I'm going to enjoy getting dressed tomorrow because all my favourite pieces are there.

The whole idea of doing this is to be more aware of how your clothes make you feel. Clothes should make you feel amazing. I'm sure most of you have a wardrobe full of gorgeous, gorgeous things you've bought over the years. So let's spend a little bit of this time when we're all at home, giving our wardrobes a little bit of love.


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