How To Look And Feel Better During Lockdown

Here are some simple ideas to improve how we're feeling and help us feel more positive. It's really easy to let go right now but let's not go there. And my first top tip is when you get up in the morning, sounds simple but do put a little bit of makeup on.

I'm going to show you the four things that I've been wearing. And my first one is Weleda Skin Food is long long been a favourite of makeup artists that I've met over the years. And what it does is it adds a real kind of glowy, youthful film.

You pop it on on top of your normal moisturiser and it's really easy to get hold of you can buy it on Amazon, you can get it in Waitrose, and when you first use it, you'll think oh gosh, this is really really thick and oily.

So you have to literally work it between your hands and warm up before you put it onto the skin. But it does give you that dewy finish that all the makeup artists like at the moment.

This is my go-to concealer, this is by NARS it's literally the best one I've ever found. Thirdly, mascara I used to always wear Charlotte Tilbury but somebody introduced me to this new hourglass one which I got at Space NK and it's really very good. Last but not least a lipstick and I obviously favour a bright lip.

I do think that this can be good for your mood in times like we're in but how do you choose what kind of bright lipstick will suit you well? The key to this is really look at the natural colour of your lips when they're better. My lips without lipstick are kind of a cool tone and they're sort of Bluey red.

So when I'm choosing a lipstick I just looked for a brighter version of what my natural lip colour is and that should really suit you and just add a pop of colour and a bit of brightness to your face.
So makeup that's number one.

Number two sounds quite obvious but is get out of those pyjamas and do not wear sweatpants. The late and very great Karl Lagerfeld once said sweat pants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life.

And what you want to be aiming for right now is kind of effortless, but stylish, relaxed silhouettes and comfortable fabrics. I certainly haven't been dressing up in the morning I haven't been squeezing myself into skinny jeans. I've just been wearing a more relaxed version of what I would normally wear.

I have been wearing more tailored track pants not jogging bottoms but sort of something just a little bit more fashion and just really lots of kind of nice comfortable jersey separates in lovely fabrics.
My third tip is wear colour.

And trust me you will feel better if you put on a bit of colour in the morning. I also quite like a colour if you're Skyping or Zooming or doing a work call it just makes you look a little bit more pulled together and frames the face but I think the key to all of this is where something you really like in the morning and this will improve your mood.

I promise. even if nobody's going to see you that day is going to make you feel better inside. So dig out that favourite blouse. Pop on your Queene & Belle cashmere or wear a cheery Chinti & Parker cashmere. Whatever you have in your wardrobe that you love and you know will make you feel good. Get out and put it on.