The Rise of Midorexia

Post by Louise Horsburgh On 11 March 2016

S9ca910d6d463631335005489cff542bchane Watson tackled an issue in this week’s Telegraph that many of us have probably identified but have not quite given a name to yet. The issue? Midorexia, which I suppose is a bit like the fashion version of a mid life crisis.

Watson gives us the following example, “[It’s] someone who, when they turn 50, is quite likely to rush out and buy their first ever pair of leather trousers without considering why they’ve never worn leather trousers at any time in the
previous decades.”

And is there really anything so wrong with that? It was definitely the case that the when I was a child, a fifty year old woman was well on her way to grey hair and sensible shoes but the same is simply not true today. As Watson says in her article – with many people eating better, exercising around the clock to stay fit and with a broader range of beauty products available than ever before, it is simply not so easy to fit people into neat little categories.

What do you think? Each to their own? Or should the rules that dictate age appropriate dressing be adhered to at all times?

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