Today’s Fashion Tips

It's Monday. And you know what that means. That means I've got some fashion tips for you all. So as you'll see, I'm wearing an old white shirt this morning.

The Classic French Tuck

My first tip today is going to be the classic French tuck.

I thought it'd be good to give you just a few little styling tweaks that you can do from your own wardrobe at home in this time. So the classic French tuck. This is just a normal white shirt. Sometimes I borrow one of my husband's kind of slightly more oversized shirts, that can look really good as well.

I'm going to start off by doing what I call the J crew cuff roll. So first of all, you want to fold up the cuff and then you want to roll the bottom. I'll show you on the other side, you want to fold up your cuff, roll it from the bottom. And that just makes your shirt look a little bit more lived in.

Secondly, I'm going to unbutton a little bit. I'm not really a big fan of a big collar sort of thing, but I do like a half collar up.

Then the key thing to the French tuck is this half tuck at the front. So hope you can see that I'm tucking half the shirt in and leaving the other half. Leave it out and a bit dishevelled. So how much better does that look?

A large stole

For my third tip today I'm going to show you a few things to do with a large stole. It can be cashmere it can be wool a bit, thicker than a scarf, but I'm sure a lot of you have something similar at home in your wardrobe. This one is a really old one I have from Queen and Belle. It's 10 years old, believe it or not.

At the moment when it's still a little bit chilly, I'm wearing it when I'm out and about. I'm winding it round and winding it round, but crucially, I'm also using it to protect myself a little bit.

Don't be afraid to bring your scarf right up to beneath your nose, and use it as a bit of a shield.

The next tip is really really simple, kind of stupidly simple, in fact, but the simple ones are sometimes almost the best. This is what I call the long and lean. So you have to think in terms of a silhouette.

This is going to make you look taller, longer and leaner. This is a very simple, trick and you can do it with any scarf. It doesn't have to be fixed or like this. This scarf has got quite a nice antarsia detail with it. So I'm going to do something that shows this off.

I'm going to start off here and I'm tucking it under my arm there. Then I'm going to roll it over. And then you really see the detail on the scarf. You can bring the collar out as well if you want a bit of white round your face. Then if you want to anchor the back, you can just tuck that into the back of your trousers or your jeans. So that's the next one.

The Cashmere Travel Wrap

For my final trick, I'm going to use what I think a lot of you have already, which is the cashmere travel wrap. I know a lot of you have these because over the years I've sold so many in the shop and in various different colours.

So this is just a plain cashmere scarf. I'm going to start off with the long and lean and then I'm going to make it a little bit wider on the shoulder.

Next, I'm going to make it meet in the middle. I'm going to show you just a simple trick with a classic tan belt.

So tie the belt, I'm going to put it through the buckle and just do it up but not completely to leave this hanging. And then I'm going to put this underneath and then through the loop but it's just a really cool styling trick with a belt.

I often do this if I have an oversized dress or something I want to pull in at the waist and it's great with baggy jumpers as well. Just to give you that little bit of depth.

So that's my tips for today. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great week and we will get through this together in style.